Coronavirus and our clinic

In an effort to prevent the transmission of coronavirus and following the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and our professional associations, we are asking that patients inform us if, within the last two weeks, you have been suffering from any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, body aches, or sore throat, loss of taste or smell, or have traveled or been in close personal contact with anyone with such symptoms or who has tested positive to COVID. If you are feeling any of the above symptoms, we advise you to consult promptly with your physician or an urgent care clinic for further advice. Our clinic is not able to treat COVID-19, and we will need to reschedule your appointment and will waive our usual missed visit fees.

Our clinic implements the following COVID19-safety protocols:

Mask-wearing is required by all persons entering the clinic throughout their entire visit. We practice and encourage double-masking as providing a much higher level of protection.

All rooms are equipped with HEPA filters, and windows are kept open as much as weather allows.

We see only 1 patient at a time, and allow for 15 minute transition time between visits to facilitate social distancing.

All high-contact surfaces are disinfected between visits.

We refer patients with acute respiratory illness or other symptoms of COVID19 to physician care, and do not treat such patients at the clinic.

Thank you for your cooperation with our clinic COVID19 safety policies. By working together, we can stay safe and get through this pandemic!